Five songs I'm loving at the moment:
1. 'Prayer in C' by Lilly Woods & the Prick and Robin Shultz
2. 'Ghost' By Ella Henderson 
3. 'All about that bass' by Meghan Trainor
4. 'Your Song' by Ellie Goulding
5. 'My Fault' by Imagine Dragons 

Music lovin'

I've been listening to a handful of songs on repeat because my usual means of music (pandora) doesn't work in Europe. (Wtf pandora how else am I going to listen to music from the states?) Anyway here are the current songs I'm obsessing over. I either have the songs on my phone or I just listen to it, over and over again,  on YouTube.

1. 'Like Real People Do' by Hozier. I love his song 'Take Me to Church', but this song is an equally good song. It's a good song to listen to on a lazy morning. 

2. 'Don't' by Ed Sheeran. I went to his concert in 2013 and it was perfect, just like him. This is a different style than his past albums and I really like that he's dipping his toes in other styles. This song has a lot of soul behind it and it's SO good.

3. 'Budapest' by George Ezra. I heard this in Germany a couple weeks ago and it's wonderful. The only channels on the tv that are in English have been BBC and MTV (music videos that are in English, unfortunately none of their lovely shows are in English). We have been watching a lot of music videos because of the lack of English channels. This isn't such a bad thing because they keep playing 'Budapest'.

4. 'Medicine' by Jamestown Revival. I don't remember how I stumbled upon this song and I don't care, I'm just thankful that I have! 

5. 'Weekend' by Priory. I first heard this on 107.7 the end, the dj predicted it would be a big hit for summer. I whole heartily agree, it's a great song if you want to get pumped up. I really like listening to this while I get ready.

I enjoy finding new songs, but when I do I usually listen to it on repeat for a very long time- think weeks. Do you do this? Have any songs you'd suggest? I love listening to new songs, so send them my way!